Yellow Fence Arrives at the Seafield


IMG 1116 1024x768 Yellow Fence Arrives at the Seafield

We’re not sure what Gordon Nelson are securing with this fence, but we’re taking suggestions if anyone has any.

Yellow fencing arrived at the Seafield today and was placed in unexpected areas: about four feet in the front of the building, and around the side against a retaining wall blocking access to a tenant’s garden on the neighbouring church’s property).

No plants were harmed in the placing of this fence, but watering the garden (which is admired by tenants and passers by alike) is more difficult than before.

fence against plants 1 Yellow Fence Arrives at the Seafield

Fence Blocking Plants at the Seafield

Of course, it’s entirely possible the fence may be intended to ward off guerilla gardeners, who may be tempted to cut the grass and weed the front flower beds, which have received no attention since summer 2009.

 Interestingly, the fence is not being used to protect the dumpster behind the building (which is so far being used only by the general populace for trash, not by Gordon Nelson and friends for construction materials and debris).

 Residents of 1436 Pendrell Street came to an agreement with Seafield owners Gordon Nelson Investments at the residential tenancy office at the end of May 2010 to temporarily give up parking and storage lockers for compensation in order for renovations to commence at the building.

 So far, no actual construction has started at the Seafield.

Update: Seafielders did find a use for the fence after all. Happy Canada Day!

canada day fence new1 Yellow Fence Arrives at the Seafield

Festive Yellow Fence at the Seafield


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  1. Derek Richer Says:

    Since construction is notoriously absent, I suggest a few guerrilla gardeners transplant some old grape vines adjacent to the yellow fence; why waste a perfectly good trellis? The addition of wisteria or similar climbing species of plants would provide a colourful flourish to the display.

    Who knows? In a few years something productive might come from the construction project: Seafield Shiraz 2012. Seafield Riesling 2012………


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