Vision Targeting Evictions


The ruling NPA have failed Vancouver renters, according to Vision Vancouver’s mayoral candidate.
Gregor Robertson made his case yesterday on the steps of Seafield Apartments at 1436 Pendrell Street, where tenants claim to be facing eviction because their landlord, Gordon Nelson Investments, is applying part of the Residential Tenancy Act.

“We now have landlords who are manipulating these loopholes to drive renters out on the premise of renovation and then to jack up the rents after the fact,” he said. “[This] makes it impossible for the current residents to return to these buildings.”

A spokesperson for Gordon Nelson Investments could not be reached by 24 hours’ deadline.

Tenant Christine Brandt said the ownership group took control on July 31, then ordered the building’s 24 residents to be out by Feb. 1, 2009.

Brandt said tenants could move back if they agree to pay up to $3,000 monthly, about a 100 per cent
rent increase.
“It’s going to be over our dead bodies that we allow this to happen,” she said.

Robertson said a Vision- controlled council would direct staff to carefully scrutinize all permits for renovations to ensure proposed work is justified.

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