Tenants at The Berkeley Face Renovictions

the berkely residents stand with spencer herbert Tenants at The Berkeley Face Renovictions

Residents of The Berkeley Stand with Spencer Herbert and Sharon Isaak.

Residents at 990 Bute Street were just issued eviction notices for “renovations”, Seafielders learned.

Residents at The Berkeley were told last summer by representatives of their landlord, Satnam Singh Gandham, that they would be evicted for renovations and that they should make their way out.

They’ve been living in fear of losing their homes ever since, with nearly half of residents of the building leaving out of their own accord just to relieve the pressure and the stress of a looming eviction notice.

The city approved the permits required for the renovations on April 30, and residents will be forced out of the building on August 1 under the renoviction clause of the Residential Tenancy Act – Section 49-6(b).

Today, a few of the remaining residents met with the media and Spencer Herbert outside of the building to discuss their renoviction. In particular, Dominic Schaefer spoke, as well as Brian Garlicke.

Garlicke, who is HIV positive, spoke about the impact of being renovicted on his life.

He relies on services and support in the neighbourhood to help him deal with HIV and, because he can’t afford higher rent, he will be forced out of his home and away from the support he needs.

Satnam Singh Gandham is known in Vancouver for using renovictions to empty buildings and dramatically raise rents for new tenants. In fact, he has used this tactic at several of his other buildings in Kitsilano and the West End.

Other buildings owned by Gandham that have been recently renovicted include 2325 York Street and 2001 Beach Avenue.


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