Tenants at Seafield Apartments Dealing with Renovictions


Another group of tenants in Vancouver’s West End is speaking out against the so-called “renovictions.” People living at the Seafield Apartments received eviction notices just 10 days after fighting off a planned rent increase, but they are vowing to continue their fight.

Vancouver-West End MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert says the notices came after the landlord had tried and failed to hike the rates by 73 per cent. “These folks here have always paid their annual rent increases, and their rents are in-line with neighbourhoods, so I think they should be allowed to stay where they are. The landlord should stop these needless attempts to try and force them out.”

He says the residential tenancy act needs to be changed, so it’s not so easy for building owners to issue renovictions. “Sure, you want to do renovations? We’ll work with you. We can move out for a period of time, so you can do what you need.”

Herbert says up to 18 suites are affected, a group he calls a community that stands together and deserves better.

Meanwhile, the building’s owner, Gordon Nelson Incorporated, says at over 75 years old, the building is “at the end of its economic life.”

The company has issued a statement, saying its information suggests the tenants aren’t really suffering financially, adding it believes some people are making upwards of $100,000 a year and can therefore make the transition to other rental units.

It also says the evictions are necessary in order to do extensive repairs in the building.


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