Spencer Herbert Backs West End Residents Fighting Eviction Over Pets

By Carlito Pablo

Georgia Straight

A number of tenants in a West End apartment building are fighting to keep their units not just for themselves but for their pets as well.

The residents, according to Vancouver-Burrard NDP MLA Spencer Herbert, are contesting eviction notices issued to them by Hollyburn Properties, owner of the Emerald Terrace at 2045 Nelson Street.

Herbert told the Straight that the tenants were told to either get rid of their pets or move out.

“The argument that the tenants have is that previously they’ve been given verbal permission by the landlords and management,” Herbert said in a phone interview.

Herbert, a former park commissioner, will hold a press conference tomorrow (January icon cool Spencer Herbert Backs West End Residents Fighting Eviction Over Pets in front of Emerald Terrace, starting at noon.

Hollyburn Properties general manager Allan Wasel said that the building, which has a good view of Stanley Park, has always had a no-pets policy.

Hollyburn purchased the apartment more than a year ago, and, according to Wasel, the company is simply enforcing the policy.

Wasel said that 11 warning letters were issued. Two residents chose to move out. One letter was rescinded, as the resident concerned had written permission from the previous owner of the building.

Wasel said that based on the eviction notices handed out yesterday (January 6), the affected residents have until the end of February to move out.

Herbert said that the concerned residents will be contesting the eviction notices on January 16 before the Residential Tenancy Branch.

“The tenants feel that this just a way to get of rid them so they could double the rent because many of them are long-time tenants,” he said.

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2 Responses to “Spencer Herbert Backs West End Residents Fighting Eviction Over Pets”

  1. PJ Says:

    While I sympathize with the pet owners, I think legally and technically, they might be hooped, depending on what is stated in the Tenancy Agreement they signed. For example, the BC Apartment Owners and Manager Association agreement, which many landlords use, clearly states, “Unless specifically permitted in writing in advance by the landlord, the tenant must not keep on the residential property and animal, including a dog, cat, reptile or exotic animal….” The agreement is a legally binding contract. If a person wants to have a pet in their apartment, they should make sure they don’t sign anything that says that they can’t. On the other hand, considering that these tenants have had these pets for so many years, the RTO may consider it “condonation” on the part of the landlord, without there having been anything in writing. Hopefully, this is what the tenants argued in their dispute resolution.

    Personally, as a landlord (who also happens to be a human being), I would consider these pet owners to be “grandfatherred in” and so they would not have to give up their pets or face being evicted.

  2. Pet Memorial Says:

    Enjoyed the read! Have bookmarked your site and plan to check back often!

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