Seafielders Work with Gordon Nelson Investments to Form a Non-Profit Co-op

Many have asked us over the past two months what the status is of our hearings and of matters at the building. We Seafielders apologize for our silence.

We are currently in negotiations with Gordon Nelson Investments to form a non-profit co-op at the Seafield.

The past 10 months has been difficult for both parties, and Gordon Nelson has kindly offered the possibility of selling us the building so that we can form a co-op. We are confident that both Gordon Nelson and all of us here at the Seafield will reach a solution that will make everyone happy in the very near future, and are proud of both ourselves and our landlords for making such a bold and creative move.

We are happy that both sides are exercising good faith at making this deal happen, and are anticipating good results.

We will be releasing more information about this as soon as we can.

Thanks for your patience and support,

The Seafielders

2 Responses to “Seafielders Work with Gordon Nelson Investments to Form a Non-Profit Co-op”

  1. MacKenna Says:

    Dear Seafielders,

    I am crossing my fingers that you folks get a co-op and if you do, can I join?

    I am a very stable long term renter who is quiet and takes care of her apartment, but like you am plagued by a new owner that is a property management company whose sole interest is in gouging as much rent as it can and providing no services. The situation here has left many of us feeling like this is no longer our home.

    I have left my email address, so if there is any opening, please let me know.

  2. Diana Morency Says:

    CONGRATS GUYS! I would love to get more info on how to do the co-op thing at the building I live in. Do you have that readily avaialble? Who do I contact to get this info?


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