Seafielders Speak Up on CBC’s On the Coast

on the coast seafield interview v2 Seafielders Speak Up on CBC’s On the Coast

Seafield residents talk to Stephen Quinn

A few weeks ago, Stephen Quinn of CBC’s On the Coast visited 1133 Barclay Street, one of Gordon Nelson Investment’s renovicted buildings for a tour to see why rents are skyrocketing in the west end.

Last week, Stephen Quinn visited the Seafield to hear the other side of the story. The Seafield was bought by Jason Gordon and Chris Nelson in 2008 and is now facing proposed rent increases of up to 73%.

Click on the “Play” button above the photo on this post to hear the On the Coast interview with residents Brian Broster and Melissa Mewdell.

Trouble at 1209 Jervis

Gordon Nelson Investments claimed during their tour with Stephen Quinn that they have not had any problems with any of their other tenants from buildings that they have mass evicted. Seafielders found this video on YouTube that shows how Gordon Nelson really treats their evicted tenants.

This couple from 1209 Jervis were out of town on the day that they were supposed to move after being evicted.

Their family and friends were handling the move for them, and when they showed up on moving day, they discovered that Gordon Nelson’s workers were living in their apartment – sleeping on their furniture and eating the food in the fridge.


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