Seafielders Respond to Landlords’ demand for up to 73% Rent Hike

seafield rent graph Seafielders Respond to Landlords’ demand for up to 73% Rent HikeResidents at the Seafield Apartments (1436 Pendrell Street, Vancouver) currently pay a fair market rent for apartments when compared to other units in pre-1940s buildings in the central West End. Both a custom analysis conducted by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation as well as a scientific random-sample survey of renters in the central area of the West End confirms this. In contrast, consider the rents applied for by the landlord, Gordon Nelson Investments Inc.*

Seafielders are fighting Gordon Nelson Investments’ proposed geographic area rent increase of up to 73% today at the Residential Tenancy Office. The case will be heard over the phone by a Dispute Resolution Officer at 1 p.m. this afternoon. The hearing is scheduled to last for one hour.

Residents worked night and day over the past month to put together evidence that shows that they are paying similar rents as others who live in “geographically similar” units, including conducting a survey of rents in our neighbourhood.

Download Seafield Apartment’s Fact Sheet and Graph.

The Area Rent Increase allows landlords to apply for an increase over and above the annual allowable amount if they feel that the rents being paid are significantly below market value of similar units.

RTA Guidelines say that:
Similar units” means rental units of comparable size, age (of unit and building),
construction, interior and exterior ambiance (including view), and sense of community.

The “same geographic area” means the area located within a reasonable kilometer
radius of the subject rental unit with similar physical and intrinsic characteristics.

The Seafield Apartments is a 1931 built, three storey, brick walk up building. Apartments do not have amenities such as dishwashers, balconies, stainless steel appliances, views, granite counter tops, or en suite laundry etc. The building does not have a pool, sauna, rooftop patio, elevator or other such amenity.

1)    Current Seafield Rents and landlord’s applied for rents, see GNI’s Application for Additional Rent Increase dated January 9, 2009.
2)    Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation custom analysis, commissioned by Ross Waring. Contact Ross Waring for details or for CMHC’s full analysis by email.
3)    West End Renters’ Survey is a scientific random-sample study of over 300 West End renters, conducted by the Seafield tenants, with 128 respondents renting in pre-1940s buildings in the central West End. Contact Ross Waring for details by email.


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