Seafielders Get Back Laundry Services — for Double the Price

Yesterday, Seafielders breathed a sigh of relief as a washing machine and dryer were unloaded in front of the building to be taken down to the laundry room.

But, the laundry machines come at a new price: $2.75 a wash and $2.75 a dry (an 83% price increase).

Laundry, a service historically offered at the Seafield, was removed without warning by landlords Gordon Nelson Investments. Two tenants lost their clothing over the holidays when the machines were taken because of the lack of notice.

Learn more about the Seafield’s laundry debacle.


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  1. Trisha Says:

    I think it is ridiculous that people’s clothes were taken with the machines. Did they get their clothes back (or money for reimbursement)?

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