Seafielders and Gordon Nelson Reach Parking and Storage Agreement

During the May 26 Residential Tenancy Branch hearing over Gordon Nelson Investments’ application to remove Seafielders’ storage lockers and parking spaces, and over their proposed compensation, a negotiated settlement was reached. All parties agreed to the following:

  • By June 15, 2010 Seafielders will vacate their storage lockers and parking spaces for GNI to use during the renovation of suite 2 (currently vacant) and some common areas.
  • While GNI is using the lockers and parking spaces, they will compensate tenants by reducing their rents to reflect the agreed upon reduction in the value of their tenancies.
  • GNI will return the storage lockers and parking spaces, without changing the current terms of the tenancies, no later than October 1, 2010.
  • GNI will reimburse the Seafielders’ application fee (paid to bring the dispute to the RTO), partly to Seafielders and partly as a donation to the Gordon Neighbourhood House.

This agreement was signed on behalf of all Seafield tenants and by Chris Nelson of GNI, on May 28, 2010.  It has been forwarded to the Dispute Resolution Officer who presided over the hearing, and will be formalized as a Dispute Resolution Order of the province’s Residential Tenancy Office.

Seafielders are pleased with the agreement, and with the lack of rancour shown at the hearing.  They remain optimistic that all parties can begin to find ways to solve problems without the need for costly and time-consuming disputes.


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