Kevin and Trina’s Story

It was the spring of 1995 in Halifax N.S when Trina and I (Kevin) were discussing the possibility of moving to the west coast. I have to say it was not easy to leave…but, we considered it an adventure!

Within a few weeks we quit our jobs, sold almost all our possessions, said goodbye to our families and friends and drove to beautiful B.C.! We had two friends that were living in Kamloops at the time, so that was our destination. Things were going well, but after two weeks, our friends decided to move to Ontario. There we were ..stuck in Kamloops. Our dream had always been to go to Vancouver, so on weekends we would make the drive down and basically drive here and there, turn left, turn right just to see where we wanted to live…and then we made a turn for the better by finding the West End…English Bay, from sea to shining sea. It was awesome!!

We moved into a small one bedroom, but I still commuted to Kamloops for the week and to our apt. on the weekend. I did that for one long year and finally got a job in Vancouver. Trina really loved being here and, through a new friend, she found a vacancy in the Seafield.

We can honestly say that from the first time we had met our previous landlord, and the tenants in the building, we knew that we would be here for a long time.

That was over 10 years ago! We eventually became caretakers and enjoyed taking care of this character building. Trina looked after her garden on the side passage, talking with neighbours and generally being part of a small community just like the one we had left on the East Coast.

We were always thankful for this community of friends, but, we’re even more thankful now because we’re finding out just how fragile our sense of home is.

It had come to our attention that our building had been sold, and that after years of caring for the building making sure it was clean, safe and enjoyable for all, we were given a notice of eviction on the very day our new landlords signed the papers!

Talk about coming out of nowhere!

It was like someone knocked the wind out of me. I mean there was no explanation as to why a guy I had never met was standing at my door saying “we need your suite!”

I went to work the next day thinking “this can’t be happening! What’s going on?”

It’s a testament to the caring nature of our friends in the building that, when the new owner did show up, our friends spoke on our behalf, and told him that we were tenants long before we were caretakers — and that our suite was not a perk for being caretakers.

I am happy to say that our eviction was rescinded, but as the new manager said, “big changes are coming…soon.”

If you ever want to stress about something, try to pretend to not know when you’ll be kicked out of your home of more than 10 years.

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