Heather’s Story

My Big Fat Seafield Wedding

Little did I dream, as a bride in my very early 20s, that when I wed the man of my dreams I would be marrying not only him and his family, but his Seafield family too. But that’s exactly what happened. In fact, Seafielders formed part of our wedding party and a large part of our guests. Since moving to Vancouver from the prairies to attend university, I had lived in other rental buildings but had never encountered anything remotely like the Seafield. The building itself — a beautiful, impeccably maintained, warm and welcoming heritage structure — appealed to my love of history. But it was the people who welcomed me and made me feel part of the family from the very first. The day after our wedding, Tim and I returned home to pack for our honeymoon to find a beautiful, hand-painted sign in calligraphic script hung on the building’s front door: “Heather. Welcome to the Seafield Supper Club”. Our wedding vows, similarly hand-painted and framed by one of our Seafield neighbours, hang on our living-room wall.

Births, deaths, marriages, new jobs, professional achievements — we congratulate, mourn and celebrate together. When we’re sick, people are here to look after us. If we need a lift (literally or emotionally) we can depend upon one. We’re a mix of ages, backgrounds and professions, with roots that span the width of the country. Our community, through our “Alley Rats” barbecues and annual Canada Day celebration, has extended beyond the boundaries of our own building to neighbours in the buildings surrounding us; we know them; we know their dogs and friendships have sprung up. Not always an easy feat in the West End. And Seafielders care about the larger community: keeping an eye on what goes on in the back lane, on the street, and volunteering with the Community Police, amongst others. We feel safe and supported living here.

I’ve called the Seafield home since my wedding — exactly half my life. We ARE the diverse, vibrant, responsible and caring community politicians so often cite as their goal for successful cities. We are Community. We are Family. We are Home.

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