Glen and Darcy’s Story

As we approach U.S. Thanksgiving, I am reminded of how grateful I am that Darcy and I had the unique opportunity to be residents of Seafield Apartments last year from August through June. On sabbatical at Simon Fraser University, we were fortunate to find two Seafield residents (thanks Mark and Christine) who were also going on sabbatical for the academic year and who sublet a corner apartment to us.

The hospitality, friendliness, and helpfulness of the residents of Seafield were literally overwhelming. Whether it was advice on which wineries to visit in the Okanagan (thanks Tim and Heather), how best to cook New Zealand red deer (thanks Ross and Brian), where to go for the best view of the Chinese New Year parade (thanks David and Donald), how to pronounce “Chilliwack” properly (thanks Moe), or how to get to Deep Cove by bus (thanks Wendy), the residents of Seafield went out of their way to help us feel as welcome and as “acculturated” as two country folks from Utah could be. A special thanks to Kevin and Trina who were the best possible on-site building managers one could imagine.

It is with considerable sadness that we have followed the news of the possible evictions of these kind and generous people since the sale of the Seafield Apartments to new owners. While we have only been on a couple other international sabbaticals in the past, and have only lived in four or five other cities in our lives, we have never experienced a sense of community like we did at Seafield during our brief stay there. It would truly be a shame if this group of caring people who have, in many cases, lived in this building for most of their adult lives, were forced to relocate to parts unknown in greater Vancouver. I know that Darcy and I would feel a great loss.

These good folks deserve better!