David and Donald’s Story

Looking for a rental apartment is never easy at the best of times.

A little over 3 years ago, we were faced with this dilemma. And then we met Richard C. at the Seafield. Richard was the owner of the building at the time.  I had answered his ad in the newspaper. He was open, charming, effusive and very likeable. The apartment, which was to become our home, was shown to me, not only by him, but by the then current tenant. She couldn’t have been more upbeat and positive about the apartment, the building, Richard, the West End. I knew immediately that I wanted to rent this apartment and move in, nothing else needed to be explained about it!

And with a little further discussion with Richard, I was accepted. And he even accepted our 11 year old cat. Almost immediately, I, and my partner, Donald, were introduced by him to the rest of the building and we attended our first of what was to become many enjoyable BBQ’s in the building – before we even moved a stick of furniture into the apartment. It has been our home and haven ever since.

Shortly, we will all be meeting to plan the events for our Halloween party, which last year drew over 100 children from the neighbourhood.  Almost anything is a reason, or excuse, for a get together.  We think that we are a model for a community that lives well together – bringing together all age groups from soon to be borns, to friends in their 90’s, and populated with people from all walks of life.

Our homes are old-fashioned in the best sense of the word, and exactly what one would expect from a building that was built in a very different time from the fast-paced one in which we live now.

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