Christine, Mark and Miles’ Story

Christine and Mark first came to Vancouver in late 1995, after living for many years in New York City.  On arrival, they slept on Ross and Brian’s floor in the Seafield, and spent their first days looking for a “character” apartment in the West End.  Each evening, on returning, they would say: “We want to live in this building.”  Fortunately for them, long-time landlord Richard took down their names, and when on rare occasion an apartment became available, he called them.  When a two-bedroom came up in the fall of 1999, Christine and Mark became proud members of the Seafield community.

Through Ross and Brian, and on their own, they quickly came to know all the Seafielders.  They enjoyed summer evenings spent in the side passageway, barbequing and sipping wine with their fellow “alley rats”, and building-wide holiday celebrations on Canada Day, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and Halloween, among others.  Christine and/or Mark have lived in Ottawa, New York City, Germany, Austria, Spain and France, but no other building has ever come close to the special community at the Seafield, where you really feel like you live among family.

In October 2002, they brought home son Miles from BC Women’s and Children’s Hospital.  Miles learned to walk, talk, climb stairs, and run in the Seafield.  He counts neighbour Aedan, from downstairs, as one of his best friends, and looks forward to seeing him every day.

While other families with children have opted to leave the West End or buy property, Christine and Mark have stayed at the Seafield because of its unique community, something that money can’t buy.  It is a place they treasure, and a community in which they want to raise their son.

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