Seafield Residents Surround City Hall

Seafield residents stand for housing at City Hall in Vancouver.

Residents of Seafield Apartments showed their support for affordable housing by participating in the Citywide Housing Coalition’s “Surround City Hall” event yesterday. Hundreds of other housing advocates came out to participate in the one hour protest, mostly from housing and homeless rights advocacy groups, and from Renters at Risk, a Vancouver organization that promotes renters’ rights in Vancouver.

The protest marked the end of Homelessness Action Week, and focused on raising awareness among civic voters of the housing crisis. The event also celebrated the end of five days of fasting and living without shelter by members of Streams of Justice.

While the protest focused more on housing for the homeless and homeless rights, affordable housing is fast becoming an issue for everyone in Vancouver.

The trend of mass evictions in Vancouver’s communities, taking advantage of legislative loopholes to double and triple rents, makes affordable housing a huge issue – even for those of us who have decent, steady incomes.

“Renters need to realize their housing is not secure. They could face eviction or large rent increases at any time thanks to current tenancy laws. The economic health of Vancouver depends on having affordable rental housing for the people that work and live here,” said Sharon Isaak of Renters at Risk.

There will be a plethora of events coming up to speak out about affordable housing in Vancouver and the West End. Remember to come out for Renters at Risk’s March for Renters’ Rights! on Saturday, October 25, 2008 at 2 p.m. The March brings people together to support evicted tenants and other renters who are at risk of eviction by walking through the West End.

Come out! Show your Support!


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