Seafield Residents Say: Let Us Live in Peace

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So called ‘renovictions‘ are happening again in the West End and need to be stopped. That according to residents of the Seafield apartment building.

They say renovations aren’t necessary and eviction notices from building management claiming they are, are nothing more than a cash grab.

Ten days ago the Residential Tenancy Branch ruled in favour of residents who fought a 73 percent rent hike.

West End NDP MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert says ‘renovictions’ harm residents, including an 84 year old man battling cancer who has lived in the building for 50 years,”fix the residential tenancy act so that tenants aren’t preyed on and have numerous attempts to force them out when they’re respecting the law. It should be about a balance between landlords and tenants”

Chandra Herbert says ‘renovictions’ have been going on for far too long and the Liberals have failed to fix the problem.


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  1. Derek Richer Says:

    Renovictions at the Seafield are clearly not necessary. It is very easy to identify the purpose of GNI, based on repeated past attempts at evictions and bids to raise rents by up to 73 percent. GNI want to end all the tenancies in the building so they can achieve both an increase in capital value in the building (because of higher rents), and the monthly benefit of higher rental income. Their pretensions otherwise are becoming more ludicrous by the moment, including their claim that electrical circuits in the building blow when more than three appliances are plugged in at the same time. I live in a modern house, and the same thing could happen, because it is a standard safety measure in electrical circuitry. 15 or 20 amp fuses (or breakers) are intended to blow to prevent wires from overheating. Unfortunately, GNI’s obscene quest for greater capital is making a mockery of tenants’ rights and doing great personal harm to the residents in the Seafield building.

    This ongoing abuse could have been avoided if the provincial government had responded quickly to close the loopholes in the Residential Tenancy Act. Forcing tenants to endure repeated, stressful sessions in the RTB is no way to promote fairness and justice in society.

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