Seafield Residents Celebrate the Season and Their Community

12 Seafield Residents Celebrate the Season and Their Community

Refusing to let our eventful summer and fall dampen our spirits, Seafielders held our annual Christmas hall-i-day party last week. With the hall at Seafield Apartments full of close friends, food and Christmas treats, Seafielders celebrated not only the holidays, but also one more month together as a community (the best gift any of us could hope for).

The eviction notices that were due for December 1st never came, and even though we aren’t safe and could get eviction notices at any time this December, it is still a huge achievement to have this extra time together — even if it is only for a few weeks.

We like to think it’s because we continue to stand together as a group, supporting one another. We also like to think it’s because we asked all levels of government to take a stand against renovictions in Vancouver and the province, steps all concerned renters can take to help protect their valuable communities.

And, we know that without the media to shed some light on this typically silent issue and without the politicians and their staff who stepped up to the plate to do something about this crisis, we wouldn’t have our homes for these additional few weeks.

Thank you all for your support, and have a very happy holiday.

The Seafielders

PS. The beautiful line drawing of the Seafield is taken from a Christmas card crafted by Wendy, the Seafield’s resident artist.

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