Seafield Letter to the Editor: Vancouver Courier

This letter from Brian Broster and Ross Waring at the Seafield ran in the Courier to clarify a point in the article.

Re: “West End rental scene plagued by rent hikes,” March 6.

We at the Seafield are grateful to Ms. Thomas for her ongoing coverage of our predicament. However, we feel it is important to point out that at no time did we refer to our landlords, Messrs. Jason Gordon and Chris Nelson, as either “corrupt” or “unscrupulous.”

Even though the entire process and threat of losing our homes through mass eviction has, and continues to be, traumatic, we would emphasize that the tone of our disagreement has always remained civil.

Brian Broster and Ross Waring,


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  1. Hal Says:

    The Courier, its assignment editor and Ms. Thomas deserve a lot of praise for continuing to update the community on the ongoing Seafield and Emerald matters.
    Now that the Wosk family has chosen to attempt to sell their West End and Langara rental complexes, several thousand more tenants will likely find themselves in the same situation: historic owners, content with normal rent increases and normal returns on invested capital, cash out for windfall profits and the new owners will scramble to cover the shortfall in their cash-flow projections.
    In Ontario, a change of ownership or a refinancing resulting in increased costs is not justification for rental increases. It’s time for a change in government, as the BC Liberal Party is far too beholden to the rental and development companies which poured millions in contributions into the Liberal Party cofferrs over the last four years.
    Elections BC’s website reveals that the Aquilinis, the DeContiis and De Contiis (Amacon, Onni and Pinnacle), Ken Mahon (Adera, etc.) and the Concord Pacific Group have poured over $900,000 in contributions into the BC Liberal party since January 1, 2005.
    These entities have also made massive contributions to municipal political parties across the Lower Mainland, likely totalling in excess of several hundred thousand dollars in the same period.

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