Seafield Blessed with Baby Girl!

baby 247x300 Seafield Blessed with Baby Girl!

Dana and Bobby are the proud parents of Eliana Dora Crudo

Seafield Apartments welcomed its newest resident yesterday when Dana and Bobby Crudo became the proud parents of a baby girl!

Weighing 8 pounds, little Eliana Dora Crudo was born at 8:38 p.m. at home.

It was always Dana’s wish to deliver her baby at home — at the Seafield. Her dream was almost shattered when Chris Nelson, of Gordon Nelson Investments, informed Seafield Apartments residents that we would be renovicted on February 1, 2009, the day her baby was due.

Dana and Bobby, who could have chosen to play it safe by moving out, decided to stand up and fight the renovictions, along with the rest of the Seafielders, even though it put their dream of a home delivery at risk.

While the renovictions never came, Gordon Nelson Investments has instead threatened Seafield residents with 73% rent increases.

Dana and Bobby have somehow balanced their busy lives (through renoviction threats, and now rent-o-viction threats) all while managing the challenges that come with being first-time parents. We are extremely happy that they decided to stay with us at the Seafield.

Congratulations Dana and Bobby!


4 Responses to “Seafield Blessed with Baby Girl!”

  1. DMorency Says:

    CONGRATS! I support your fight and doing everything I can politically and socially to stop this eviction. Keep up the great work and focus on your little baby! Let the rest of us take over….

  2. NonBiased Says:

    I got interested in reading your stories and I have to say now after reading all of those that teants definatelly seem like they really enjoy the building where they live. i just hope the owners and the tenants find a common ground to solve their issues.. However, the reality is that none of these tenants own the apartment in that building and I believe they are fighting a lost couse..We live in an open market society and also we live in a country of laws…Sometimes we might not like them but they are laws and have to be obeyed by everyone, even if it causes us some distress or we have the feeling of unfairness.

  3. Mark Moore Says:


    Perhaps you could explain which laws allow developers to purchase rental buildings and then try to unilaterally end all the existing tenancy agreements (legal contracts)? Or which why the law restricting the maximum annual legal rent increase to 2% above the rate of inflation does not apply to Gordon-Nelson Investments, Inc.

    We, too believe that we are a country of laws. We just want our legal rights as tenants (governed by the Residential Tenancy Act and its Regulations) to be respected. Is that asking too much?

  4. Gabriela, Switzerland Says:

    Hello Seafielders
    Maybe you remember me, I stayed with Wendy from September to December and now, as I’m back in Switzerland, I thought a lot of you and how you are. How nice, that the baby of Dana and Bobby could have been born at the Seafield! Congratulations to the young family and also to you, dear Seafielders, that you could fight against getting evicted so far! Keep on fighting and take care!
    Special greetings to Wendy!

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