Robertson Vows to Stand up for Renters’ Rights

Sun Nov. 09 2008 16:05:17
Vision Vancouver’s Gregor Robertson took a stand on renters’ rights in the city’s West End.
He paid a visit to the Seafield Apartments Sunday to support tenants who say they’re being evicted so the landlord can make minor renovations and raise the rent.
Robertson says he’d put a stop to that.
Vision Vancouver council will direct staff at city hall to carefully scrutinize all the permits for renovation and ensure that in fact they are necessary renovations needed to bring a building up to code, up to standard and ensure that the interests of the renters are being taken into consideration by the landlord,” Robertson said.
Eighty three-year-old Roland McFall and his two older sisters moved into the building in 1961. He thought he’d always live in Seafield and doesn’t know what his next step will be.
“Well that’s it. where would I go?” he said.
Residents say renovations have been done before without anyone being evicted. They insist the landlords could allow them to stay during repairs, if they want to.

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