“Renters Fight Back” by Evicting Gordon Campbell

evict gordon campbell Renters Fight Back by Evicting Gordon Campbell

Image courtesy of Renters Fight Back, a campaign to get renters out to vote in the provincial election.

In 2004, the BC Liberals changed the residential tenancy act, allowing landlords to evict tenants for renovations.

On October 26, 2008, Seafielders (along with some folks at Renters at Risk) met with Provincial Housing Minister Rich Coleman to discuss the loopholes in the residential tenancy act, and to ask him to do something about it. At the time, Mr. Coleman insisted that the problem was really with a few landlords who were “bad apples”, and his solution was to talk to them about it instead of changing the law.

We disagree.

Landlords who choose to renovict may be bad apples. But, if they weren’t in the picture, they would be replaced by more bad apples. These landlords are using the loopholes as a business strategy, and hey — who can blame them.

If the law allows evicting for profit, why not?

The problem as we see it isn’t the bad apples, but the law that empowers them to disrupt lives and double rents. That law needs to be changed. How it gets changed, or by whom, isn’t important. All that is important is that the loopholes are closed.

The most common question we’re asked after people visit our website is “what can I do about it to help?” There are lots of ways to contribute: writing letters to your MLA, providing emotional support to your friends going through evictions and so on.

One group in Vancouver is taking things a bit farther with a new campaign called “Renters Fight Back”. The group’s mandate is to get renters out to vote in the upcoming May 12 provincial election, and to “evict Gordon Campbell” to get in a government that will change the laws in the RTA to protect renters.

rentersfightback.com was created by Christine Ackermann and Stephen Hammond, concerned citizens and renters who are passionate about tenants’ rights in BC. Since the Geogria Straight covered this new campaign in last week’s paper, we thought it would be of some interest to our readers as well.

Check it out to learn more about what Renters Fight Back has to say about the 2009 BC Provincial Election. You can also contact Christine and Stephen by email if you want more information.

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