Nightmare at 1436 Pendrell Street

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Seafield Residents to talk about eviction threat

Halloween at Seafield Apartments is the talk of the town. Residents ham it up big time with candy, costumes and a major display for the kids. We always get a huge turn out, and have an absolute blast!

Sadly, this Halloween may be Seafield’s last due to recent eviction threats from Gordon Nelson Investments, the new owner of our building.

Mass evictions for renovations, designed to double rents, is becoming a huge problem – not just in the West End, but in all Vancouver neighbourhoods.

This is why Seafielders have decided to share our horror story with the media and other west end residents at our Halloween event (appropriately titled) Nightmare at 1436 Pendrell Street.


  • What: Nightmare at 1436 Pendrell Street
  • When: Friday, Oct. 31, 2008 from 6-9 p.m.
  • Where: Seafield Apartments at 1436 Pendrell Street

Please join us to learn more about what’s threatening our valuable community. And if that isn’t enough to get you here…we’ll have tons of candy.

Get some fast facts about Seafield Apartments and read seafield stories to learn why Seafield Apartments is such an awesome place to live.

For media types, or those who want a bit more background, check out our press release: Seafield Apartments Next Chapter in Mass Eviction Horror Story.

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