More Happy Campers Over Robertsons’ Victory


Renters at Seafield Apartments in the west end say they are thrilled Gregor Robertson is their new
Mayor. The renters say they’re facing evictions for renovations, after which their rents are hiked way up.

Mayor-elect Gregor Robertson says he vows to fight the practice by requiring renovations to be scrutinized by City staff.

Seafield renter Melissa Mewdell says they’re glad Robertson supports them, “That’s what he said he was going to do for us and for all renters in Vancouver; and we’re really excited that somebody is going to be doing something at a local level to protect renters in this city.”

The building is owned by Gordon Nelson Investments. Coowner Chris Nelson says they have decided not to speak with the media about their plans for the building, out of respect for the tenants’ privacy.

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