Mole Hill Residents Facing Geographic Rent Increases

mole hill vancouver housing Mole Hill Residents Facing Geographic Rent Increases

There’s more bad news for West End renters as another group of tenants are battling geographic rent increases.

The “low-end of market” residents of the Mole Hill Community Housing Society¬† were recently served with notice of extraordinary rent increase through the¬† RTO.

The society plans to increase rents over two years, with requested increases of up to 28% in the first year and 20% in the second.

If successful, these rent increases will un-house many long term residents. Mole Hill sets a cap on the household income of perspective applicants, a cap that has jumped in recent years – and so those who have lived on the block for any longer than 3 years are unlikely to be able to stay in the West End if evicted by higher costs.

Seafielders found a website made by one of the residents. She discusses the details of the Mole Hill rent increases.

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