Introducing Seafield Apartments

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Seafield Apartments in Vancouver

Seafield Apartments is a historic apartment building in downtown Vancouver’s west end. The building was constructed in 1931, and has since been home to mostly long-term tenants. The community found in the building is rare indeed. Everyone in this building looks out for one another.

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7 Responses to “Introducing Seafield Apartments”

  1. Concerned Renter Says:

    Great site!

  2. Honest Citizen Says:

    I sure hope greedy developers don’t buy this beautiful historic building.

  3. m simmons Says:

    these greedy developers have already bought this building but sure hope their building permit is rejected! this is a beautiful building with such character which should be classed as an heritage building. people have lived in this building for years and should not be forced to move. this is happening far too much and it’s time the government stepped in!

  4. J, Says:

    We need to bring the rental tenancy act back to protect tenants from this type of greed.

  5. J, Says:

    This is very disturbing!!!! This is happening everywhere in BC.!!

    People have to start voting for the right government.The current government does not care at all about the working “Blue” class people & or the down & out people.
    This is a disgrace & an outrage, against the working people who rent all over the city and in BC.
    We as a nation of people need to make changes happen against this government, who cares only about the rich!
    Jan and Johanna Hubacek
    Victoria, BC Ca.

  6. Diana Morency Says:

    We need to control the market rental sector. Politicians and government must be accountable for the lack of affordable housing and rental. This is about controlling the private market and force the landlords to be socially responsible to the tenants and the City of Vancouver. It seems to be some duality with landlords who think its perfectly acceptable to charge unfair prices and charge for things such Stanley Park and the ocean when it has been there forever. We need the City of Vancouver to start buying the private rental stock and control the rents otherwise those of us who can afford what the rest of the country charges will be forced to leave the province because we cannot aford to live here. If this smacks of socialism so be it because capitalism profit driven systme will always be motivate by immediate greed and money.

    The residents of the West End are not the ones causing the problems with homelessness and rental affordability issues. It is the developers, property management companies that are the problem. They buy property and speculate and try to shove through their developments ideas down our throats. Do you not understand that there is no room for this kind of development in the West End. There are currently 4 towers and another one being built in that area alone. So much has been lost in the last 47 years what is left MUST be protected. I am lobbying hard to have a complete ban on any further development in the West End. Is it possible that we can have a capitalist system and still have social integrity? I am concerned about the proposal for yet another over-priced condo with an offer of 33 rental units. Will it ever be possible to trust developers and property management companies to have morals and ethics to do the right thing? There should be an equal amount of rental and condos. Their offer to keep the façade is a pathetic attempt to keep us quite. Why the hell did they buy the property? This is just an olive branch being extended to pacify the people. Do they really care about the residents of the West End and how this will impact on the people that live here? What is your vision of the West End? The people that live here made the West End what it is today.
    What makes the West End unique are the low rises, the Mom & Pop shops that still exist. Developers are sucking the vitality out of the West End. Where are the people who work at the “crappy” jobs supposed to live? They will not be commuting to downtown Vancouver to work at Starbucks when it is costing them $10.00 per day in transit. If you people do not do your jobs and think about these re-zoning proposals and force social obligations you are going to lose the West End. Private companies will never think about the greater good as the motivation is to make money thus as City Planners you can force them if they want the permit to provide rental units at the suggested amount in this letter. Why can’t the City for the first time force these developers to be socially responsible? You can set the example that developers who speculate on property must provide an equal amount of rental options for the people in the West End. How is offering 33 unties going to benefit the city if you do not cap what they can charge for rent? The development proposal is for a 20 story high-rise assuming 1000 units total. In order for it to benefit the City the number of rental units should be 400 and condos at 600 assuming that each condo will sell for 1 million that is 600 million dollars that is more then enough profit. Out of the 400 rental units 200 to market rent and the other 200 to be capped. Now, that is making a difference here in the West End. It sends the message that developers cannot railroad the process or assume they will get their re-zoning proposals approved because they applied. This may have never been done in Vancouver but it does not mean it shouldn’t be done. This process has been done in major European cities and we can do it here. Everyone is responsible for the problems in Vancouver and we cannot expect the developers to have a social conscience unless we compel them.
    Did you know that the building they want to tear down was once an infamous brothel???
    Did they do the research on what the average person makes per month that live in the West End? A vast majority of the residents that live here make modest to low income minimum wages. ($1,408.00 per month) I would like to know what the company will charge for these rental units. Will you be charging the artificially priced market rents that Hollyburn charges for a 1 bedroom? Keeping in mind that thousands of people living here in the West End are having difficulty paying the current market rents? Even better declare the West End off limits to any further development or loss of off low rises. There is 1% vacancy rate does this not point to the obvious? We have nowhere to live except where we are PLEASE DO NOT APPROVE ANY RE-ZONING. The people living here make minimum wage, some are on disability etc. and cannot afford to relocate.
    What is the rent going to be for these units? Will these rental units be rented at a reasonable rate? I do not trust developers as they are motivated by money and greed. These units should have a maximum of no more then $850.00 per month for a one bedroom and $1000.00 for a two bedroom. It should be based on the economic reality of the residents of the West End and not the artificial inflated market rent.
    The people currently living in the West End do not make $50,000.00 and are suffering. If they want to build this place there must be a guarantee that the rental units be capped and to take into account what the average person makes rather then market rent.
    The Vancouver market rent is artificial and inflated. It’s not what people can afford its what people are forced to pay by thoughtless and selfish property owners who are looking only after their interests.
    So, please address the issue and what guarantees will you provide to ensure that the rental units are rented at a normal rental rate that you can find in Montreal, Ottawa etc? What are you going to do with the rest of these re-zoning applications? Will you actually say no to some of them?

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    [...] A case that has been getting much attention in the news (although this sort of thing has been going on for years) is the struggle over at the Seafield Apartments – near Pendrell and Nicola. Residents there have banded together to get their story out in the news, and they’ve formed a website as well, Building at Risk. Photo: Seafield Apartments [...]

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