Huge Rent Increases on the Mainland Could Affect All British Columbians: Group

By Adam Stirling

C-FAX 1070

A group calling itself “renters fight back” says the Campbell Government is making it easy for landlords to charge outlandish rent increases to their tenants.

Stephen Hammond is with renters fight back.

Hey says a recent ruling at “Seafield Apartments” in Vancouver’s West End shows that rent control is effectively dead in B.C.

“Most of them are 34% or 35% increases, as a matter of fact, a 38% increase was the highest. That’s the fellow who’s been in the building for 48 years. He’s in his 80’s.”

The group says the Campbell Government opened the door for large rent increases and evictions forcing many long term tenants out of their homes.

They go on to say Housing Minister Rich Coleman refuses to do anything about the issue.

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