Help the Renters!


Residents of the Seafield Apartment building in the West End say they’re becoming part of a disturbing trend: tenants being evicted for renovations and their rent skyrocketing afterward.
Renters like Brian Broster are calling on the province to step in and fix loopholes in the Residential
Tenancy Act which have allowed the evictions to take place.
But Broster says, so far, they’ve gotten nowhere with BC’s Housing Minister, “Rich Coleman has decided
that he will look into the Act and its failings, but has committed to us that he will do nothing. So, we’re
stuck, we cannot see a way out of this.”
The building is owned by Gordon Nelson Investments.
Tenants say they were told during the summer the owners were planning to divide the existing suites into
a larger number of bachelor pads.
They’re expecting to receive eviction notices within the month.

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