Gordon Nelson to Appeal BC Supreme Court Ruling on 38% Rent Increase

Seafield residents received notice today that landlords Gordon Nelson Investments will seek an appeal of the BC Supreme Court ruling denying an up to 38% rent increase at 1436 Pendrell Street.

Madam Justice Loo of the BC Supreme Court overturned an RTO decision granting Gordon Nelson Investments an up to 38% rent increase last month because the decision was patently unreasonable and contained errors of both fact and law.

Jason Gordon and Chris Nelson are seeking the following:

  • That an appeal of Madam Justice Loo’s decision be allowed
  • That the Order of the Honourable Madam Justice Loo pronounced January 12, 2010 be set aside
  • That the decision of Residential Tenancy Officer K. Miller dated April 2, 2009 be restored
  • That Gordon Nelson Investments Inc, be granted its costs in the Court of Appeal and the BC Supreme Court

Read the notice to appeal Madam Justice Loo’s decision on their above normal rent increase.

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One Response to “Gordon Nelson to Appeal BC Supreme Court Ruling on 38% Rent Increase”

  1. Derek Richer Says:

    None of this should have happened in the first place. Government does have a responsibility to ensure its laws do not cause egregious harm to citizens. The entire Seafield Saga explicates the very evil of a provincial government pandering to the special interests of its party supporters. Edmund Burke described such conduct as thus: “Bad laws are the worst sort of tyrrany.”

    I wish the Seafielders success in their fight against tyranny. Fortunately, the odds are staked strongly against Gordon and Nelson in this case, since K. Miller’s RTO decision was riddled with legal errors and prejudice.

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