Gordon Nelson Raise Laundry Costs to $4 per Wash and $4 per Dry

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Gordon Nelson puts Seafielders through the wringer (again) with outrageous laundry cost increases.

Tenants were surprised to learn that landlords Gordon Nelson Investments raised the cost of doing laundry at the Seafield to $4 per wash and $4 per dry sometime during the past week.

Residents were not notified of the 45% increase in cost to doing laundry at the building. The increase means that the cost to the average Seafield family to do two loads of laundry a week will rise from an already expensive $286 a year to $416 a year.

In fact, Gordon Nelson have raised laundry costs by 220 percent in the last 20 months.

When Chris Nelson and Jason Gordon bought the building, laundry cost $1.25 per wash and $1.25 per dry. They removed the machines without informing residents on December 30, 2008 (meaning that some clothes from residents were actually taken in the process).

They returned laundry service at the buiding for more than double the price ($2.75 per wash and $2.75 per dry) in 2009.

Seafielders investigated the other options available to them and learned that the average cost for similar services at the nearest laundromat was then (and still is today) $1.75 per wash and between $1.50 and $2 per dry.

Residents wonder if this is simply another tactic by Gordon Nelson to remove laundry services at the Seafield – making them so expensive that they are basically inaccessible – in an attempt to justify turning the laundry room into a 300 square foot microsuite to rent when residents don’t use the machines.

Chris Nelson stated to all tenants in September 2008 (when he met with residents at the building to discuss their plans) that the Laundry facilities would be removed and converted to a rentable suite.

No offer of compensation was made or suggested.


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  1. Derek Richer Says:

    Disgusting, but not surprising, given the numerous puerile pranks Seafielders have had to endure.

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