Gordon Nelson Pursue 73% Rent Increase and Mass Renoviction Simultaneously

headache Gordon Nelson Pursue 73% Rent Increase and Mass Renoviction Simultaneously

Photo: Illustration of a Typical Seafield Tenant Trying to Understand the Logic

‘Tis the season to be greedy.

Seafield residents learned that Gordon Nelson Inc. has applied for a Judicial Review of the recent RTO decision denying them an up-to 73% rent increase at the Seafield Apartments.

GNI intends to have the case reviewed at the Supreme Court in hopes that the decision, which found that they did not prove their case that residents pay “below average” rent for their apartments, will be overturned.

They make this application while attempting to mass evict all the residents for what they claim are “needed” renovations to “repair a crumbling building”.

It’s hard to follow the logic, but humour us for a moment:  it seems that Gordon Nelson think that Seafielders should be paying up to 73% more in rent to reside in a building that they say is falling apart.

Are you as confused as we are? If so – tell us all about it!

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One Response to “Gordon Nelson Pursue 73% Rent Increase and Mass Renoviction Simultaneously”

  1. Derek Richer Says:

    Of course there is no logic to this latest stunt. It is indicative of the feeding frenzy gripping GNI.

    Not only will the Judicial Review of the 73 % rent increase decision fail, this latest action offers undeniable proof that GNI are trying to use any method to evict the Seafield tenants – all for financial gain. De facto, GNI are contradicting their claim, under Section 49(6)(b) , that they MUST evict the tenants to complete renovations in the Seafield. If they had concrete proof to support their renoviction claim, they would not need to resort to cheap pressure tactics, such as doubling the legal action against the tenants. Moreover, demanding double digit rent increases from tenants at this time suggests that the building is in good condition and does not require any renovations.

    In this case, one needs to watch the actions of GNI to gain a true impression of their motives.

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