Gordon Nelson Inc Evicting a Seafield Family

mark moore christine brandt photo1 548x367 Gordon Nelson Inc Evicting a Seafield Family

Christine Brandt, Mark Moore and their son, Miles, are Gordon Nelson's latest targets.

Seafield Landlord Mirrors Hollyburn by Choosing to Evict Tenants Despite Having a Vacant Apartment Available

Gordon Nelson Investments is moving to evict a family of three from the Seafield after numerous previous attempts to evict other residents to raise rents have been ruled unlawful, or have been withdrawn.

This is the fifth suite, out of 14, targeted for eviction since Gordon Nelson purchased the building two years ago.

“Chris Nelson and Jason Gordon were very open in sharing their business plan behind renovictions – namely to end tenancies and double rents,” said targeted tenant Christine Brandt.  ”They’ve tried to pick us off one by one.  It hasn’t worked.”

When serving the eviction, Jason Gordon advised Brandt, “This should come as no surprise–we’ve been at war for two years.”

Gordon Nelson Investments has broken nearly all tenancies in the 4 other buildings they’ve purchased.  In total, people living in some 121 GNI-owned West End suites have been evicted or ‘encouraged’ to move, after which the landlord then quickly moves to drastically increase rents.  They also applied to raise the rents in the Seafield by up to 73% but this request was recently overturned in the Supreme Court.

GNI seeks to evict the family from a two bedroom suite when an almost identical two bedroom suite is currently vacant and available.

A one-bedroom apartment was also recently available.  This action echoes the tactics employed by Hollyburn Properties earlier this summer at Emerald Terrace.

Gordon Nelson claim they need to install a manager at the building to oversee maintenance and safety concerns, despite previously having no concerns with having no resident manager onsite for two years.

The landlord claims they can’t put their manager in the vacant downstairs suite because the manager who would reside there “needs significant space and the security of a non-ground floor suite.”

Curiously the vacant suite was deemed completely safe to rent to a single mom and her three young children previously, and has been left empty by the landlords now for 7 months.

Seafielders will contest this latest unjust eviction order as they have all previous orders, not only on behalf of the family targeted, but on behalf of all tenants in British Columbia who are victims of intimidation and misuse of the Residential Tenancy Act by landlords solely as a means to raise rents.

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2 Responses to “Gordon Nelson Inc Evicting a Seafield Family”

  1. Mike M Says:

    Ground floor unit not safe? Last I recall, most apt buildings (including condominiums) normally have a Superintendent living on the ground floor, and most times near the front entrance. This has been the case for decades, and to say it is not safe is appalling.

    Has GNI offered the other Vacant suite to this family for the same price? Maybe even a free month of rent for their trouble of moving? I highly doubt it.

    If this family is evicted, I’d like to see if the unit is actually occupied 100% or just a ploy to move yet another tenant out. I think it’s the latter.

    Speaking of ladders, there’s one way to bypass your 2nd floor security…

  2. Derek Richer Says:

    This outrageous prank will fail like all the others. Gordon and Nelson are certainly creating quite a legacy for themselves. “Ye shall know them by their fruits.”

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