Gordon Nelson Inc Evict Seafield Shrubs

Gordon Nelson Investments Remove Shrubs2 Gordon Nelson Inc Evict Seafield Shrubs

Workers Say Seafield Shrubs’ New Home is the Nearest Landfill

Gordon Nelson Investments Inc arrived at the Seafield today to rip up mature shrubs and plants, loading them into a truck.

Tenants learned from the workers, who were instructed not to speak to residents, that most of the shrubs would be taken to the dump.

Ripping up plants and taking them to the dump is, in our opinion, an odd move for a company that prides itself on being environmentally friendly.

Is brown the new green?

Tell us what you think of the Seafield’s new shrub-less look by leaving a comment or by emailing us.

seafield shrubs uprooted Gordon Nelson Inc Evict Seafield Shrubs

Seafield Shrubs Uprooted from their Homes in Front of 1436 Pendrell Street

Seafield Plants in Truck Gordon Nelson Inc Evict Seafield Shrubs

Seafield Shrubs Packed for the Move to Their New Home: the Landfill

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2 Responses to “Gordon Nelson Inc Evict Seafield Shrubs”

  1. Christina Entrekin Says:

    I am not surprised that Chris and Jason are found to be hypocrites. They have shown no regard for the simple human desire to be safe and harrasment free in their homes. The plant removal, like the removal of the carpet, is intended to harrass, and nothing else.

    I am pleased that I am not the moral arbiter of the world, because those two would keep me very, very busy. I can only hope in the truth of karma and the eternity they have made for themselves.

    Boo Gordon Nelson, Boo.

  2. Derek Richer Says:

    This is quite an achievement for Gordon and Nelson, the West End’s finest citizens. I marvel at their ingenuity and imagination.

    Herbicide, I say. Plain, ugly, vindictive HERBICIDE!!!!!

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