Gordon Nelson Gives the Gift that Keeps on Smelling: Dirty Laundry

seafield apartments laundy machines missing 300x225 Gordon Nelson Gives the Gift that Keeps on Smelling: Dirty Laundry

Missing Seafield Apartments Laundry Machines

Seafield residents received an end-of-year gift from landlords Chris Nelson and Jason Gordon of Gordon Nelson Investments: dirty laundry.

As of 4:45 p.m. on Tuesday December 30, Seafield Apartments’ two washers and two dryers disappeared with no warning from Gordon Nelson Investments. A note was stuck on the laundry room door saying that the machines would be replaced on December 31, but no machines came.

Dana and Bobby, two Seafielders who appeared in an article about the Seafield in the Georgia Straight regarding the planned renoviction of the building, had their laundry in the machines when they were taken. Due to the lack of warning and communication from Gordon Nelson Investments, they were unaware of what was to become of Seafield’s laundry facilities when they chose to do their laundry. Consequently, their clothes were taken by Phelps, the company the Seafield rented the machines from, just in time for New Years’ Eve.

The couple spent much of the remainder of their week chasing down their misplaced clothing.

Gordon Nelson’s staff seemed as bewildered as residents over the latest debacle. One building manager said the new machines would be arriving on the 31st, while another had no knowledge that the machines were supposed to be removed at all. Later, he said that the machines hadn’t been replaced with new ones because they were missing a part, and that the new machines would arrive on Friday, January 2.

These machines would be owned by the landlords and not rented from Phelps, residents learned, when Phelps told them that no new machines had been ordered from them.

When the machines were still missing on the weekend, a resident called Chris Nelson at this home to ask when laundry services would be returned. He told her that they were still waiting for the missing part, and that the machines would likely not be in place until Wednesday next week (January 7th).

Seafielders are anxiously counting their undies until the new machines are in place.

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