Even The Province Thinks Hollyburn is Wrong

You know that the situation is bad when even The Province thinks what you’re doing is wrong with a capital W. Seafielders found this editorial by The Province in their newspaper today, regarding the evictions of residents at Emerald Terrace who have pets.

In early December, cat owners at Emerald Terrace highrise in Vancouver’s West End were served 14-day notices to remove their pets or face evictions. Last week, Hollyburn Properties Ltd. delivered eviction notices dated for Feb. 28.

Hollyburn claims some residents knowingly breached the no-pets agreement, while some pet owners claim they received verbal permission years ago from the previous landlord.

Hollyburn bought the property about a year ago.

Needless to say, the fur has been flying over this issue for weeks.

In order to offer a workable solution to this problem, let’s put aside the company’s claim that the no-pet policy is in place for health reasons. The health risk to a senior having to turn his or her life upside down far exceeds the likelihood that anyone in the building would suffer an allergic reaction.

Therefore, out of fairness and decency, Hollyburn should grandfather all pet owners who had pets prior to the landlord taking over the building a year ago. If any of the owners brought animals into the building in the past year, and did knowingly breach the no-pet clause, they should have to get rid of the animals or move out.

Hollyburn might be able to push this fight and win, but seriously, how heartless must you be to toss a senior with a cat out on the street?

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