Emerald Terrace Pet Owners Share Their Story

spencer herbert and emerald terrace apartments residents 300x186 Emerald Terrace Pet Owners Share Their Story

Spencer Herbert and Emerald Terrace Apartments Residents

Today, a few Seafield residents showed their support for pet owners at Emerald Terrace Apartments by attending their media event. Residents of the west end apartment building spent the afternoon sharing their story of harassment and intimidation by their landlord, Hollyburn Properties, simply because they own pets.

Residents of Emerald Terrace were fist issued notices of a “no pets policy” on November 24 last year. They were told to get rid of their pets (which have been in the building for years) or face eviction.

Refusing to give up their pets, they’ve been working around the clock over Christmas to prepare for their Residential Tenancy Hearing to dispute the policy and their evictions. So far, they’re well prepared, albeit $600 poorer.

Their hearing takes place on January 16.

These brave renters weren’t alone. Vancouver-Burrard MLA Spencer Herbert, members of the media, concerned renters in the area (like us!) and the West End Residents Association attended the event.

Herbert described the emotional and physical importance of owning pets, and how pet ownership is an extension of living a healthy and normal life (especially for the elderly).

He also described concept of “grandfathering”, which means new landlords can create new rules for new tenants, but should honour past agreements (whether verbal or written) made between tenants and their previous landlords.

In this case, residents of Emerald Terrace Apartments had verbal agreements that allowed them to keep pets with their old property management company. The fact that the agreements were verbal is immaterial, Herbert argued. He said that what Hollyburn Properties is doing is illegal and designed to evict long term tenants in order to bring in new tenants at double the rent.

Andrew Simmons, a resident of Emerald Terrace, made an interesting point. Apparently, tenants with pets at the Hollyburn building across the street aren’t being harassed at all by the property management company. These tenants are all new though, and are paying double for their apartments.

Convenient? We think not.

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  1. West End Watcher Says:

    Who needs to be ripped off like this when you can rent a brand new one bedroom with all the amenities at fire-sale rates in the Shangri La, TV Towers or any nbr of places coming on stream. What we need is a landlord black list, maybe something like this:

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