Are Seafielders Really Paying Market Prices for their Laundry?

west end vancouver laundry mat 300x225 Are Seafielders Really Paying Market Prices for their Laundry?

Seafield Gives West End Laundry Mat the Thumbs Up

It’s true that Gordon Nelson Investments did eventually make good on their promise to return laundry services to the Seafield. And, being front loaders, the new washer and dryer are much more environmentally friendly than the machines of old.

But, replacing what used to be two washers and two dryers with one washer and one dryer (and no timeline on when the promised additional machines would arrive) was the first sign of something amiss.

The second was the near doubling of the cost of doing laundry in the building.

Seafielders, who used to pay $1.50 for a wash and $1.50 for a dry, are now being charged $2.75 per machine (an 83% increase in price). The average Seafielder does three loads of laundry a week. This translates into an additional $390 a year in costs. For Dana and Bobby, whose baby is due February 1st, they will likely spend an additional $600 a year.

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Jason Gordon and Chris Nelson of Gordon Nelson Investments say that their business model is based around charging market prices for apartments and services. So, were Seafield Apartments residents paying 83% below market price for laundry? Or, are Gordon Nelson Investments charging more than average market price for this service?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Wendy and Melissa set out this weekend to observe the best example of market competition in the field of laundry: the intersection of Davie and Thurlow streets. This is where the two laundromats across from each other — The Clothesline and Davie Laundromat — compete for people’s business all day.

Our findings:
Davie Laundromat (open 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily)
1061 Davie Street
•    Top loaders at the back – $1.75 per load
•    Top loaders at the front – $2.00 per load
•    Front loaders in the middle – $2.25 per load
•    Double load – $4.25 per cycle
•    Load of drying – $1.50 to $2.00 (25 cents buys you 3.75 minutes, but it takes between 20 and 30 minutes to dry your clothes)
Extra notes: there’s a wide variety of sizes and number of machines which means that doing multiple loads is much quicker than if you only have a single washer/dryer like we do at the Seafield. The man who owns the shop is extremely friendly and helpful, and keeps the place pretty clean. Baskets and big tables are available in the middle of the laundromat which makes it easy to fold and sort clothing. Speed is this laundromat’s pride — it doesn’t take any longer than half an hour to wash, and half an hour to dry, your clothes.

The Clothesline Laundry mat (open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily)
1070 Davie Street
•    Top loaders (older machines) – $1.75 per load
•    Front loaders – $2.00 per load
•    Double load – $4.00 per cycle
•    Load of drying – $1.50 to $2.00 (25 cents buys you 5 minutes in the single load dryers. 25 cents buys you 8 minutes in the older dryer).
Extra notes: like Davie Laundromat, there’s a wide variety of sizes and a large number of machines here, which makes it easy to do multiple loads all at once. In fact, there are more machines in this laundromat then at Davie Laundromat. It’s also slightly cheaper than Davie Laundromat, and is open earlier and stays open slightly later. But, the atmosphere isn’t as nice, and it’s not as clean. Also, it doesn’t have any big tables to fold or sort laundry.

Overall, Wendy and Melissa liked Davie Laundromat better. It was brighter, cleaner, faster and more friendly.

And, it seems the prices we used to pay at the Seafield weren’t really as out of line with market laundry prices as Gordon Nelson seems to think.

Tell us how much you pay for laundry at your building by leaving a comment below.


8 Responses to “Are Seafielders Really Paying Market Prices for their Laundry?”

  1. Sarah Says:

    In my building in Toronto, we pay $2 to wash and $2 to dry…it’s sad that in your building you have to pay more for fewer machines :(

  2. Olivia Says:

    Good day. I live in a 57-unit strata and we lease 4 pairs of machines from Coinamatic and collect all the revenue. Maintenance of the machines is included in the contract. We pay $1 per load for a wash or a dry (60 minutes), with the exception of the high-capacity front-loading washer, which is $1.25.

    2007/08 Actuals:
    Machine rental: $3,884.10
    Laundry revenue: $6,825.00

    2008/09 Budget:
    Machine rental: $3,900
    Laundry revenue: $6,360

    Olivia Flynn-Gomez

  3. Diana Morency Says:

    I pay 2.00 per load and 25 cents for 10 minutes of drying

  4. Dave Says:

    Hey — I live on Harwood in a 30 year old building. Our machines are by Coin-o-matic, and I pay 2.25 to wash, and 1.75 to dry, both front loaders.

  5. Donna Says:

    Three year old front loading washing machine & dryers in a building on West 12th near Oak — $1.50 wash, $1.50 dry. Machines were replaced in 2006 when the building was purchased, evicted, renovated, filled up with new tenants at a higher price (including me) & subsequently flipped to another set of new owners a month after everybody moved in.

  6. Olivia Flynn-Gomez Says:

    GNI, clearly new to the property business, obviously don’t understand that items like laundry, parking, storage, etc. are AMENITIES. While amenities can contribute revenue and at times can even pay for themselves (see my laundry numbers above), the costs cannot be compared to equivalent services outside a rental property. The purpose of amenities is to make the property more attractive and hence more competitive in the market. Overcharging for amenities will actually have a negative effect on the desirability of the property and drive tenants away.

  7. Darrell Michaud Says:

    I live in a 32 unit tenant-owned building. We have 2 washers (top loaders) and 2 dryers that we lease from Carefree Coin-op for $83/month.
    We have a laundry time scheduled for each unit, free-for-all after 8pm until 10pm 6 days a week and all-day Sunday.
    We do not pay any extra user fees for using the machines. Their use is covered in our monthly fees.

  8. Sharon Says:

    Laundry at 1080 Gilford Street is $2.25 wash and $0.25 for each 10 minutes to dry. They are typical sized front loading machines, 2 of each.

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