A Lifestyle Could Soon End


Residents of the Seafield Apartments in the west end are pledging a long, hard fight over what they say are
evictions for renovations that are only taking place in order to jack up their rents.

The building has been around since the 1930s and is home to two dozen tenants who range in age from
newborns to one who’s 92.

Christine Brandt has been there for the past 10 years. She says the evictions will be devastating for a group of people that have always supported one another,

“It’s way more than just knocking on a door for an egg or a cup of sugar. When a tenant lost a job, we all gathered together to offer moral support and offer dinner invites and whatever else we could. So, we love each other. and we don’t want that to end.”

The building is owned by Vancouver-based Gordon Nelson Investments.

Brandt says they’ve told their landlords repeatedly in face-to-face meetings they would do whatever is
necessary to accommodate renovations while remaining in the building.

They are expecting to receive eviction notices December 1st.

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